Short Squeeze: What Is It And How It Affected Stocks Like GameStop, AMC Investor’s Business Daily

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As more short sellers exit, the price goes higher causing short sellers to lose more and buyers to gain more. Porsche’s acquisition of Volkswagen shares created a shortage in available stock for trading, as the float—the number of freely traded shares—was limited. This scarcity of shares, combined with the sudden realization that there were more short positions than actual stock available, pushed the price of Volkswagen stock to astronomical levels. The short sellers were left scrambling to buy back shares at any price to cover their positions, exacerbating the upward pressure on the stock.

This type of squeeze happens when a company’s revenue declines or its costs rise and it is unable to raise prices accordingly. The underlying causes of a profit squeeze are numerous but commonly consist of increased competition, changing governmental avatrade review regulations, and expanding producer and supplier power. Conversely, short covering involves buying back a security to close out an open short position. On Jan. 22, the stock jumped again, trading above 70 on the biggest volume day up to that point.

They sold borrowed shares for $100, repurchased them for $70, returned the shares, and pocketed the difference. GameStop’s stock price surged due to a short squeeze on major hedge funds that were short the stock and forced to sell to cut losses. The stock price went from less than $5 a share to $325 in just a month. Because short sellers exit their positions with buy orders, the coincidental exit of these short sellers pushes prices higher.

What Is Days to Cover, and Is It Useful for Identifying Short Squeeze Targets?

These small or even micro-cap securities do not always enjoy a healthy level of liquidity that can support price levels from irregular trading volumes. A quick trader or automated trading system can jump on an opportunity to exploit a long squeeze before others bring the stock back from its oversold state. Value-oriented investors and value investing styles have long been the classic remedy to securities that have been oversold. Recognizing a long squeeze scenario, value and deep-value investors are generally quick to react to stocks that may be trading at discounts to their true intrinsic value.

Market Conditions Favoring a Short Squeeze

This percentage offers investors insight into market sentiment towards a particular stock, serving as a valuable tool for predicting potential market movements. However, if the stock price increases a lot in a relatively short amount of time, they may cut their losses by buying shares at the higher price. When this happens, the short-sellers are squeezed out of their position, being forced to buy shares at a loss. During a short squeeze, short sellers run the risk of losing a substantial amount of money if the stock price continues to increase. In addition, a large short interest can go either way, meaning that the stock price can still increase just as much as it can decrease.

Short squeezes can generate significant profits, but they can also result in substantial losses if not approached with caution. Establishing clear risk management strategies, setting stop-loss orders, and diversifying one’s portfolio are essential elements of responsible trading. Additionally, staying informed about market news, financial reports, and regulatory developments is crucial. Market conditions can change rapidly, and being on top of relevant information allows traders to adapt their strategies and manage risks effectively.

How to trade a short squeeze

This ratio simply put is a mathematical indicator that tells investors the average number of days it takes for short sellers to buy back borrowed shares. This ratio is calculated by the total number of shorted stocks divided by the average daily trading volume. For example, if there are shorted stocks on Company A with an average daily trading volume of 1000, then the short interest ratio would equal to 10. As a rule of thumb, a short interest ratio of 10 and higher is regarded as high and therefore the more short positions to cover – higher probability of a short squeeze.

Volkswagen (VW) Short Squeeze

The kindling needed to start a short squeeze is a stock for which many investors hold short positions. Predicting a short squeeze involves interpreting daily moving average charts and calculating the short interest percentage and the short interest ratio. Before you can understand short squeezes, you have to understand how short selling works. When long squeeze situations arise, they are generally concentrated in stocks that have a limited float or market capitalization, or at least the selloffs in these types of stock can be quite dramatic.

Given that short squeezes can create those kinds of gaudy returns, it’s worth reviewing what exactly a short squeeze is. Banking services and bank accounts are offered by Jiko Bank, a division of Mid-Central National Bank. JSI and Jiko Bank are not affiliated with Public Holdings, Inc. (“Public”) or any of its subsidiaries. Buying pressure, when it comes to stocks, can mean a multitude of things.

The Basics of Short Selling

Therefore, it is crucial to remain vigilant, adapt to changing market conditions, and be prepared to adjust strategies as needed. Thorough research, continuous monitoring of market data, and disciplined execution are key elements for successful participation in short squeezes. GameStop, a struggling brick-and-mortar video game retailer, became the center of a dramatic battle between individual retail investors and large institutional investors.

Meme stocks, or stocks with viral internet cultural support, have been targets of ongoing short squeezes, starting with GameStop Corp. in 2021. Movie theater company AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. and brick-and-mortar retailers like Express and Bed Bath & Beyond have been recent short-squeeze targets since 2021. The investing information provided on this page is for educational purposes only. NerdWallet, Inc. does not offer advisory or brokerage services, nor does it recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks, securities or other investments. But then TSLA rallied again and split its shares, and its addition to the SPX became a reality, illustrating that a short squeeze doesn’t always have to end badly.

When many short sellers attempt to buy back simultaneously, there is no cap on how high stock prices may rise. This often gives rise to opportunistic investors trying to capitalize on the short squeeze by buying during the price ascension. However, the company follows up the short-seller’s report with evidence that there is no fraud, and its shares start to rise.

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